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The master's program has held continuous accreditation from the American Library Association since 1971. In the program students gain an understanding of the foundations of the library and information profession, including the history of the field, ethical and philosophical concerns, the information cycle, principles and procedures for dealing with a variety of information carriers, and the theory and practice of strategic management. Future trends are examined, with an emphasis on cutting-edge technological concerns.

The program seeks to build students' understanding of the synergism between library and information science and other disciplines, as well as the close relationship between research and practice. Students also become knowledgeable about the factors that underlie users' information needs and appropriate strategies to satisfy those needs.

The master's degree in library and information science requires 36 semester hours of graduate credit with a grade-point average of at least 3.00, and the successful completion of a research poster.  A thesis option is available for students who wish for more research experience.

The curriculum is structured in three tiers. The first tier consists of four required courses: Cultural Foundations, Computing Foundations, Conceptual Foundations and Search and Discovery. These four basic courses provide a solid grounding for all successive course work. At the Tier II level, students must complete nine hours that they select from an option of five courses.  Courses in the third tier are elective, with the exception of students pursuing the School Media Specialist certification. This arrangement of courses allows each student to concentrate in an area that most pertain to his or her professional goals.

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